UPDATE: The game's been updated after the jam with a tutorial, bug fixes, mobile support and a second game mode, you can still play the jam version here (https://streq.github.io/my-stress-toy-is-a-mace/releases/0.4.0/)

Use the mouse to swing your chain mace around for stress relief, be careful though, this is a heavily transited area, so try not to hit anybody! 

Your stress bar increases if your mace isn't moving fast enough, if your stress bar hits the limit, it's game over. You can move the mace by moving the mouse around the player in circles, when you hit a certain rhythm it will start spinning.

Made in just under 3 hours (spread over 2 sessions) for the Trijam!
Originally it was gonna be a puzzle game, you go through a few maze-y levels, figuring out how to go through some doors and some groups of people, but I figured there wasn't enough time for that and changed directions mid jam.

Didn't have time to make the scores look nice since the font I was using was actually a texture. Also I would've liked to add score modifiers (the closer your mace passes near someone the faster your score increases).

Visual cues could've been clearer too

Also, storing high-scores didn't make it into the game, so your score dies when you reload the page :(

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